Runestone Vs 29

A masterpiece by the runecarver Livsten
a runestone, VS 29, inserted in the wall
In the south east gable of the parish church in Sala there is a runestone inserted in the wall. 
This is perhaps the very prettiest of Sweden’s most beautiful runestones. The stone is overturn and used as building material. This probably happened when the church was built in the 13th century.

As if this was not enough the ground level around the church is raised with gravel and this 
is covering the entire left rune trail. If you dig a bit you can find it beneath the gravel. It must 
have happened recently since the runestone was painted in July 2005.

The name of the runecarver is Livsten. He is known for his beautiful, forlegged rune animals. 
The rune animal on the stone above is painted in blue. Its head and nose disappears in the 
ground to the left and one leg to the right. Its behind and tail stretches 

Updated 27 juni, 2007 by Kalle Runristare 
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