Runestone U 887
With a winged dragon
Runestone U 887 with a winged dragon This beautiful runestone with a winged dragon is standing on its original location in Uppland.

The red dragon carrying the runes has many extra details. Its body paws and head are carved with great effort.

When I visited the stone in the autumn 2006 the grass was growing high in front of it and there were no signs of any other car having parked nearby in a long time. 

One reason the runestone is rarely visited is probably that it was heavily overgrown with lichen until 2006 then it was cleaned and painted. 

When you visit the stone you should remember to bring a printed version of the painted runestone since the original is only painted in the carved tracks.
When I show my pictures of painted runestones this is the one most people thinks shows their idea of a proper runestone. It has the right shape, the right color and it is big, well carved and beautiful… and I can only agree with them.
The strange thing with this runestone is that the carver does not seem to have carved any other runestones. If this really is his first and only runestone he must have practiced on other materials, maybe ceramics, wood or paintings.

I believe this means that the runestones only give us a glimpse of all the beautiful art that were thriving during the Viking period. I think this runecarver has made lots of other works of art that are long gone since they were made in other materials then stone. 

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