Runestone U 1163
Göksbo farm, Uppland
Runestone with pictures from the saga of Sigurd Fafnersbane Göksbo farm, Uppland
In the year 1878 this richly decorated runestone was moved to Göksbo farm from a place nearby.

This runestone has pictures and décor quite different from most other runestones. 

The characters are from the Saga of 
Sigurd Fafnersbane

The unusual ornamental art gives us a hint of the art that might have been common on materials less constant than hard granite. 
Perhaps walls, poles and wooden objects were covered with this art in the wealthier farms?

Stone of grey granite
Height: 1.85 m
Width: 0.86 m
Surface: smooth but weathered
The carved lines are shallow but clear.
One piece has been lost in the lower parts of the stone along with some runes.

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