Rune carver school 
Carving tools

You need a brush, sledge and chisels.
You should wear eye protectors, breathing protector and hearing protector. Work outside to get the best light and the wind removes the dust from the 
stone. A brush, whichever you like, is okay as long as it can remove the dust. A toothbrush might be good to get rid of the dust in the lines.
Kalle Runristares slägga och rekonstruerad mejsel
Use an ordinary sledge at 1 and 1½ kg. I have made my handle shorter to make it easier to use.

I have a chisel that is a copy of an ancient and made in consultation with an archaeologist, a smith and me as a rune stone carver. The chisel works perfectly well but in lack of a smith and smithy that can make new ones or fix my one, I have been forced to use chisels from the factories.

Rebit stenverktyg (Rebit stone tools) is a company that sells good chisels to cut with. You can call or write to them and get a brochure but you can also order it from their website:

Huggmejslar från Rebit för runristare

My chisels from Rebit
With GM5-X and GM8-X I first cut the lines. GM5-X for fine ornamentation and GM8-X for larger.
DB4S-X is actually a double chisel for machines. The chisel is too long to be practice so the part that is supposed to be put in the machine I have sawn off with an iron file.

SM40-O is a drawing chisel for rough-hewing and shaping of the stone. HM12 is used to hew away weaknesses on the surface and first cut the lines.

There are more types of chisels from different companies but I manage very well with these and I’m satisfied. To put the edges on the chisels of cemented carbide you need a whetter of diamond. It’s an expensive story but very necessary. 

Are you just going to cut one stone you can sharp your chisels at a suitable company for about 50 SEK each.

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