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Rune font -
write with runes on your computer

The summer 2003, Stefan Troedsson visited me, looking for runes to a font.
Stefan hade the knowledge and the tools and made a rune font of the runes I use 
for rune stones. He sent the result to me – guess if I was happy :-)

After some smaller adjusting we made two more fonts of the same runes. These were more beautiful and more suitable for prints. You can see and download the three fonts down here.

You want to write with runes on your computer?

Follow the instructions: 
Click on the one or those fonts to the right that 
you want to install and save them in the folder:

or if you have NT or Windows2000 in the folder:

You can also save them in another map and 
install them by control panel and “fonts”.

Runsten (Rune stone)
The shape of these runes are 
suited to runestones.
Get "Runsten" font here >>>
Runbrev (Rune letter)
A bit more handsome runes 
for computer and prints.
Get "Runbrev" here >>>
A bigger type of runes for 
computer and printing.
Get "Runhake" here >>>

Besides the runes that has its equivalence on the keyboard, there are two more.

The rune th you get by typing: 
<Alt Gr + T>

The rune (R or Gr) that were often used 
on old rune stones, you get by typing 
<Alt Gr + R>

Furthermore you get double runes 
when you type X (KS) and Q (KU)

All runes can coloured, extra bold 
type, italics, bigger and so on, just 
like other fonts.
The rune fonts are free!
But, if you want to thank or encourage us to further 
work, you can send an envelope with 2 EURO to:
Kalle Runristare
Lindby 4211
178 92 ADELSÖ
Stefan Troedsson
Buntmakaregatan 7
252 48 Helsingborg

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