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Think about what you say in 1000 years
It’s important that your rune stone is beautiful and correctly carved, so that the future would want to take care of it. But if the stone also bring about beautiful lyrics or unique information, then your stone has really secured it’s place in the history.

See the message and the rune inscription as the backside of a postcard. 
It isn’t sent by length, but in time. The text is about you and your thoughts or about a curse about something you want to preserve. You freeze a moment of our time in your rune stone.

Den mest kända runstenen har endast runor men är ett konstverk ändå
(The smoke-stone)
Has only rune inscription
False or genuine rune stone?
Many thinks that you have to know how to spell in Old Norse to cut yourself a “real rune stone”. Nothing can be more wrong! Never let you be tempted to romanticize the Viking Age by writing in another language than the one you speak. The only thing you can succeed with then, is to be guilty to history faking, or create a useless stone for the future with no history.

No rune carver in the history wrote in another language than the one they spoke. All rune carvers have written from their own time and you should do the same.

The value of your rune stone is in the eyes of the observer and the observer looks for knowledge about the time the stone was cut. Your rune stone belongs to the future, not the history!

What shall I write about?

To describe a happening like the fall of the Berlin Wall or the tsunami in Asia is most likely unnecessary. Memories of these kinds will probably survive to the future long enough anyway.

What the future might appreciate most is things from everyday, happenings, 
thoughts and valuations in the individual human’s life, in your life!

Gripsholmsstenen sö 179, känd för sin poesi
The rune stone has a limited space
I usually write the text that be cut on a paper without taking any notice about the space I have. After that I reformulate, change words and make the text short and harsh, but with the same meaning.

Maybe you want to express yourself in metrical form, alliteration or something similar, and have difficulties with adjusting to the little space you have. There is a solution how to make room for a few more runes in a bounded space. You can use bind-runes or spell-less runes.
More about that you find on the page "Runic letters".

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