Rune carver school  
Move and place the stone

Today there are crane trucks!
To rent a crane truck for help doesnít cost very much, and if you have planed and prepared the transportation in beforehand, the work goes quickly

Before you order the crane truck, make sure that all the ends of the stone 
lays free, so that the straps can get a steady grip around the stone. You 
might have to dig under the stone to get the straps around it. Itís easiest 
to dig in early spring, right after the ground frost is gone. 

If there isnít a road that leads to the stone, you will have to wait till the ground is really dry. It is time when the weather forecast is warning 

against forest fires, at that time, even the heaviest crane truck can drive on meadows and fields.

At home you have prepared the place where you shall carve the stone with suitable logs. Make sure there are many smaller pieces of wood nearby, so that you can put them between the stone and the logs where itís necessary. The stone shall lay steady in every corner.

You have found your stone 
and moved it to the home.

Now put logs under the edges of the stone, as support and distance. It will then be strong both in the edges and in the middle, although the vacant space is big. 
Overhang without support is delicate for pressure and blows.

Block up with logs, chopping-blocks and other kinds of soft material, under the stone, to avoid getting marks on the stone from wearing.
Here, the stone is blocked up wrong. 
The tip is hanging in the air and risks to break if the weight is too great.
Now the log is moved to the edge of the stone. The overhang is only 10-15 cm. 
Now the stone is strong, also in the middle.

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