Rune carver school 
Pictures and figures

One picture says more than 1000 words.
To ornamentation and rune inscription, you can also carve figures and pictures.

During the Bronze Age and the picture stones of Gotland, there are almost 
only pictures. That gives space to unlimited translations and uncertainty.
If you intensify your beautiful ornamentation and rune inscription with 
describing pictures, your stone will be even more interesting and exciting, 
especially for those who can’t read runes.

Be calculating when you sketch the pictures, they have to be possible to carve in. It’s easy to make too small details.

Bilder och figurer på runstenar väcker störst intresse hos betraktaren
The sacrificial ball 

My own stone 
With both pictures 
And rune inscription.

Uppdated 17 januari, 2006 by Kalle Runristare All rights reserved, ©