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Reconstruction of runestone U 530 
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In 1635 visits antiquary Johannes H. Rhezelius Norrtälje. He document and draw a picture of the runestone that lies in "river edge" up to the upper mill. Rhezelius let then raised the runestone on the location.

Rhezelius drawing >

More then ten years later two other antiquary visit the same place but the runestone was gone, probably cut in pieces and used for house building. 

In a  basement wall close to the river they found a piece of a runestone that could belong to the lost one. 
To day that piece also are gone, only the drawing by Rhezelius and his not are left.

In 2003 Lars Conon asked me if it was possible to make a reconstruction of the stone wih just this drawing and annotations. He was supported by Roslagens Fornminnes- och Hembygdsförening and Föreningen Sjuhundraleden.

This is the story about the work.

Rhezelius teckning av U 530

Rhezelius drawing of 
U 530 from year 1635

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