Sweden’s most beautiful Rune stones
Rune stones are more than just runes….!

Del av ornamentiken på runsten U 887

Our runestones are highly appreciated pieces of art......

but few people know that they originally were painted in color.

Some rune stones are very advanced works of art and without their colors they are simply reduced to a bunch of lines.

In the following pages you’ll meet some of the most skillful rune carver and their pieces of art painted in COLOR. 

Göksbo Rune stone, Altuna
Rune stone U 1163

This rune stone is richly decorated with pictures from the story of Sigurd Fafnersbane and is a stone that opens the door to all lost art of the Viking age.

Sala parish church
Runestone Vs 29

Sweden’s maybe largest and most beautiful rune stone is disgracefully inserted into the wall of Sala parish church.

Ekerö municipality, Färingsö
Runestone U 35

This is a big and beautiful runestone located in a far too inaccessible place.

Two very vivid animals are trotting across the surface making you smile and admire the stone.

Skillsta, Upland
Runestone U 887

A winged dragon on an unusually richly decorated rune stone makes this rune stone one of the favorites among Sweden’s most beautiful rune stones.

Ekerö municipality, Adelsö
Runestone U 11

This royal rune stone located at Adelsö is not one of Sweden’s most beautiful rune stones, but it must be part of this list since it has so much to tell us. 

It is also a big part in my historical travels.

The Sundby slab, Spånga 
Runestone U 80

The rune carver Fot made a masterpiece on a smooth stone slab. 

The nine dragons are entangled in perfect harmony. Everything is well planned and thought through.

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