----------The HSB runestone.

This sketch of the ornamentation for the runestone will be adjusted and corrected in detail when it's being painted and carved on the stone.  

The ornamentation consists of a big rune carrying dragon that is carefully tied together by a smaller snake.

The binding is very important and the bodies should always go one time over, one time under, over, under a.s.o. for the rune animals to be tied properly into the stone. There's one exception in this ornamentation where the snake goes trough the dragon neck. This is a common solution and I have done this to be able to put the snakes tail in the center, under the dragons nozzle.

The great grouse in the ornamentations upper part is a symbol for "Haninge". The great grouse can be seen on older runestones, but only in Haninge.

The key, that the bird is standing on, is suppose to be a symbol for the home. In this case for tenant-owners' society, Runstenen (the runestone)

A suggestion of carving in a hedgehog that is so common in the area. 
I tough about it for some time and realized that it would be difficult to blend in a hedgehog into the ornametation. One solution was to carve the hedgehog on the right side of the stone, walking in the grass. 


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