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L'Anse aux Meadows

More than 621 mil across Newfoundland are felled and we are finally arrived two hours before the opening ceremony. I lose quickly Arne and Inger in the the crowd, consisting of 15 000 people who are waiting for the Vikings.

No ship or Vikings in sight, but it is rumored that they are on the road and will come sailing in time for the ceremony. Someone else heard that they probably are waiting behind an island. I take down to the beach and out on the cape and waiting.

Helicopters taking off, hovering over the bay while the buzz increases, the first ships visible far away in the northwest. - Now they come, now they come!

After a while the ships are in place, some settles on the line out there in the bay while others directly

towards land, adding and will be well received by the waiting crowd.

The largest ship, Islandingur, situated out in the bay but there is someone on board who must quickly get
into the country, so it sends out a white plastic boat to retrieve.

- The ships coming, the Vikings coming ....
The viking ships are late, all visitors are waiting ... Suddenly, the first ships are sighted coming over the horizon
"Islandingur" comes to a stop in the
bay in full view of the spectators.
Sound of horns, country music and helicopters. Unusual sounds in this wilderness. Who gets the best picture,
and what is the risk?
A white speedboat suddenly
heads for the ship.
The speedboat picks up the ship's crew and makes for the shore; there are speeches to be made. In the meantime, the other ships gather around " Islandingur", side by side.
The Swedish Viking boats go towards the land
Two Swedish boats head for the shore, Tälja and Aifur. Tofta are hungry and sneaks away from the crowds.
There I meet one of my best friends
for the first time, Brad Nelson.
New and old friends meet Different groups connected to Leif Eriksson's discovery of Vinland, are here. Local indians and inuits from Greenland.
Jan Johansson
from Aifur is filling
up his food container.
Parts of Aifurs crew still their hunger Cheers Tofta, we meet again,
in another place and time.
Rune stones
My friends, Arne and Inger and Dotes from Gotland have cut a rune stone each, as a gift. Inger's rune stone with bronze decoration.
Inscription: Peace, Freedom, Friendship and Future
They gave these stones as gifts to Norstead.
... And my rune stone then?
Well, it was stuck in the back of a container which in turn were out on a bog
A group of rain soaked Vikings don't
want to wait for the trucks to arrive
from the directive at Norstead, before getting the stone out.
Many are needed but we have enough, after a lot of heaving, the stone inches it way towards the opening.
The rune stone is finally raised
The rune stone stands in front of newly built Viking beach house with the front facing the sea ... and there far away, on the other side of the ocean with whales and icebergs is Greenland.

I make a speech in which I talk about the rune stone's future for the next 5 000 years; about its symbols and lastly, the runic inscription:

VTTA and Barbara Genge raised stone to commemorate the exploration of North America by Leif Eriksson in year thousand. Kalle rista (rista = carve)

Granite as the best quality keeps for many thousands of years. The colors will not hold as storms and salty waves hardly allows the colors to be persistent.

Details on the rune stone
Above is a sun compass; a copy of a find from Greenland, surrounded by sun-rays, or a cross, if you prefer.

Everything is suspended from the rune carrying dragon.

Under the sun compass a vikingship, a copy of VTTA logo. VTTA (Viking Tourist Trail Accosiation)

The rune stone is perfectly positioned in the bay and immediately becomes a popular object to photograph.
The small stones are from the Faroe Islands and Iceland, among others Sun compass, the original is
found in Greenland is only half
The Viking farm in the background.
The mission is completed - little sleep and then it's time to explore the island
After a long day I search a camp for the night. The barren area above is good, fresh air and great views from a natural pine boughs bed. The trees on the northern Newfoundland is most similar to rice, low and wide.
look behind my shoes.
Morning, view of the Vikings' camp out on the Cape. A little to the east is seen the roof of the Viking farm.
Behind the cape seen two islands and then there
where only whales, icebergs and finally Greenland.

North America so far only documented settlement from the Viking Age

Just a few kilometers to the west is the true Viking settlement discovered by
the Norwegian pair Helge and Anne Stine Ingestad 1960. I, Arne and Inger takes us there.

1,000 year old remains in the ground.
A sign explains what the archaeologists found.
I located in one of the houses,
I have been there :-)
Background, reconstruction of the houses.
Arne and Inger is also
on this historic site.
The walls are built with thick layers of turf. The guide says that
only 30% of it has
been excavated.
The houses are 20 years old (2001)
but is still in good condition.
The houses are made alive by craftsmen. Pictured is sewn clothes, and in the next room working with bog ore. 400 meters to the south is a museum (arrow)
about the excavations in the 1960s.
Conclusive evidence!
A needle of bronze.
The area around the rune stone in Norstead
I start with the farm.

The houses are well proportioned to receive many guests but
they are not as well-built as houses on the original settlement.

All houses have a thin layer of peat and grass on the roofs.

A small house at the side of the long house. A wooden church.
The entrance to the great long house. Inside one of the small houses. Why I did not sleep here?
Outside is heard shouts and insults and blow to shields
Two groups fighting with swords and axes. Honor and glory, win or lose. How do you think it went for them here?
To the Vikings cape
The association's Viksbåten "Tälja" with tents. Lars Widerberg Gunilla Fornstål
Robban (right) and Charles from the Dutch ship Orm talking about something rather small.. small as an apple around. Petter Hallegren and Sandra Hammarberg
held everyone's mood on top.
Black smith
Lars-Erik Wiss.
His recipe for light works and smells of food.
Some pork fat, some beeswax, let it set with roll of linen.
Värmland Society of Glad of Gillberga beautiful tent.
Their ship Glad (happy) was the fastest of them all.
The most tragic part of the journey, was to see the broken ship Orm from Holland.
It was accidentally dropped from a crane lorry. Now the ship stands upon land with a broken prow.
Ivar Larsson, another member of the "Krampmacken"
from Gotland crew, throws a warp (kedge)
It is time to say goodbye, one last picture of the
farm with the rune stone to the far right
Olle Hoffman, archaeologist narrative. Many thanks to you :-)
Travelling with me on the journey, was a small bottle of special vodka with herbs given to me by my friend Raino. I took my farewell of the rune stone and then we shared the bottle and
wondered if/ when we would meet again. Then I headed for the airport.

Two days later I was back on Adelsö again, filled
with memories and my mission accomplished."

Finally, thanks to all who participated in and around this rune stone,

(Without your help, Leif Eriksson's rune stone never been traveled).

Ron & Barbara Baron for photos, first translations year 2000, best guides in the paper jungle and much more .... - I would never have done this without you.

* Torbjörn Karlsson on Vätö stonemasonry with your great patience and beautiful stones.
* Rolf Söder of ASA Transporter for the safe delivery of the runestone to Gothenburg.
* Olle Hoffman Viking Heritage because you dared to recommend me as a rune carver.
* Stellan & Terese, how would it all worked out unless Stellan there? -Forward boys!
* Peter Hobring to all solutions to problems and the positive energy you spread.
* Ellinor & Denice for you have the energy living with a rune carver like me.
* Raino Rydelius on Hovdata movie, images, help first web and inspiration.
* Nobbe & Helena for consideration and patience, -barbeque now?
* Björn on Adelsö egg for your quick help with the heavy lifting.
* Mother & Father for all your help and that you believe in me.
* Tord Björk powerful help when the rune stone was moved.
* My sister Carin with translations and faith in his brother.
* Börje & Tuija for help, inspiration and happy evenings.
* Britten for all the inspiration and strength you gave.
* Stefan Walner for nice pictures and Support.
* Ronnie Lindblad of all possible assistance.
* Cary for pictures and Support
- Thanks all!

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