----------1993 - The first runestone

The first runestone made by Kalle the runestone carver in 1993

In summer of 1993 I carve my first rune stone

It didn't turn out as good as I had hoped for. My knowledge about old Norse ornamentation was limited, so it became a little clumsy, but the body were correct twisted, over, under, over, under and so on. 
(This is a must to keep the dragon trapped inside the stone).

The dragon have a white nose and arrow shaped head, it's placed close to the top on right side. The dragons feet goes outside the body, out to right verge.

Now I started to understand how skillful the old runestone carver was. This was far more difficult than I had realized.

Rune, the cat, me and my first carved runestone. Photo from 1996

My big mistake was to use the wrong kind of stone, I had
used a piece of blast stone that have invisible cracks
at the inside. One year later, the stone fell during
transportation and cracked in to several pieces.

To day the runestone is fixed with a strong glue and is
standing as a memory in my rune carving workshop in
Harbacken on Adelsö

Runic inscription:
This runs give strength to old Nordic tradition.

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