Rune stones are a Viking crafts and documents from the past. New rune stones have the same function, but to the future.
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The runecarver story -
New runestones 1993-2006
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In English I recommend the reconstruction of the lost rune stone U 1173, now in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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2006 Stallarholmen

2004 Reconstruction
2004 Biferstedt 
2004 Thor fishing Part 2

2003 Åmell

2002 Carlsund
2002 HSB

2001 Thors fishing Part 1

2000 Leif Ericsson
2000 Vinland part 1  Adelsö
2000 Vinland part 2 Canada

1998 The gravestone

1997 Stone of the gods
1997 Rumskulla
1997 Globe of sacrifice
1997 Pegasus

1996 Håtuna Holm
1996 Kent

1995 The Fireplace
1995 The blue runestone
1995 Gerlög
1995 A runestone for the scouts

1994 Securitas
1994 Edshult

1993 Viking Line
1993 My first rune stone

Old runestone

Old Rune stones
The most beautiful Rune stones

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Aboute the Stallarholmen runestone
two very nice runestones
From the saga of: Thor fishing
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